Social Tennis

Members are encouraged to play social tennis at any time that the courts are available.

For the 2023/24 Summer Season there will be some specific times that scheduled social tennis will be played. This is to provide certainty to all members as to when they can have a hit and to communicate to potential new members the times that they can turn up, meet members and potentially join the Club.

The scheduled times will initially be as follows:

  • Ladies Social Tennis        Tuesday       9:00 am
  • Mixed Social Tennis         Tuesday       10:30 am
  • Mixed Social Tennis         Thursday      10:30 am
  • Mixed Social Tennis         Saturday       1:30 pm

Note: If changes are made during the season by consensus of players, the new times will be communicated by email and website.

Tennis Buddies

A new program for the 2023/24 season called Tennis Buddies will be established.  The program is designed to provide encouragement to new members and/or beginners who have difficulty finding a hitting-up partner or just need some more practice to improve. 

Tennis Buddies is not a coaching program, rather it just aims to provide hitting-up partners to help new members and beginners. Tennis coaching is available through Tiger Tennis.  The aim is to provide a pathway for new members and beginners through to social or competitive tennis.  

John Blunt (a member of the Tennis Committee) has volunteered to coordinate Tennis Buddies.  He can be contacted on 0410 317 387 or at

If new members want a hitting partner or practice, please contact John Blunt and he will endeavour to arrange a suitable partner and time.

Cardio Tennis

Wednesday evening Cardio Tennis with Tiger Tennis – 6.30pm – 7.30pm – Cardio Tennis is a moderate to high energy tennis workout that focuses on burning calories while having fun playing tennis in a group environment. It is for people of all ages and standards as the priority is not so much about developing tennis technique, it’s about doing a moderate to high energy workout in 60 mins to music! It doesn’t matter how good you are at tennis! You will love it!-bookings through Tiger Tennis click here to register.

Saturday Afternoon Mixed

Saturday Afternoon (Mixed), a traditional doubles format from 1:30 pm till 5pm.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Social

Ladies social tennis starts every Tuesday morning at 9.00am through to 11.00am. Everyone welcome to join for a hit.


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