People’s Choice Lottery

KGBTC Members & Friends

As you know our club has always participated in the annual fundraising event, the People’s Choice Community Lottery.  This is a very significant fundraising opportunity for our club and in years past it has successfully returned around $3,500 to our club’s much needed operating funds, and as you would know, the value of every single ticket purchase goes entirely back to our club.  On this occasion, due to Covid-19 constraints, the lottery fundraising event is being conducted solely on-line.

I have set out in this email below the process you need to follow to purchase your tickets on-line.

The process is:

  1. Click on the yellow/green hyperlink below which says ”Buy Tickets”
  2. Then when the options come up, click on “Open Hyperlink”
  3. Then you are on the Community Lottery page
  4. Then scroll down to the last option among the green squares which says “Sporting Club” and click on this
  5. Then a whole bunch of club & organisational logos appear.  Ours in not on the first page of these.  It is on the 3rd page, so keep going to the next page until you see it.  It does appear as Kensington Marryatville Bowling & Tennis Club.  Click on our logo.
  6. Then the page appears which asks how many tickets you wish to buy.  It’s your choice from then on. 
  7. The process that then follows is just like a normal on-line purchase where they ask for your name details, as well as your credit card details.
  8. Once you’ve completed your purchase, they will then send you a confirmatory email with tickets attached.

I trust this works.  It should as I just made my purchase of 20 tickets & it worked ok.

Key dates are:

Early Bird sales close on 3rd November

Overall ticket sales close on 19th February

Prize winners advertised on 2nd March

If you have any problems or questions, please give me a call (Neil Jones) or email and I’ll try to help.

Finally, a reminder that this is a significant fundraising opportunity for our club.  I wish you good luck with your tickets.  


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