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Kensington Gardens Bowling & Tennis Club

Tennis Section

Annual Report prepared for AGM

Saturday 29th May 2021, 3.00 pm

Venue: KGBTC Clubhouse

Tennis Committee Management and Membership (2020-21)

The Tennis Section committee is a passionate and energetic group with diverse expertise and experience.  It has functioned smoothly and effectively via Zoom throughout the season to deliver positive benefits and significant outcomes for the members.

Members of the tennis committee during 2020/21 have been:

  • Doug Larden – President/Acting Secretary
  • John Lewis – Treasurer
  • Dane Bennett – Committee member
  • Tony Binks – Committee member (stepped down due to ill-health)
  • Arlette Culshaw – Committee member
  • Fernanda di Villarosa – Committee member
  • Andrew Luxton – Committee member
  • David Ogilvie – Committee member
  • Joanne Rudd – Committee member
  • Oli Taylor – Committee member

Tennis Club Membership

Total 2019/20 Membership161(excl. ~ 36 participants in night tennis)
Total 2020/21 Membership200 (excl. ~ 66 participants in night tennis)
Night Tennis (2020/21)  66 (up 30 or 83%)
Ladies 2020/21 Men 2020/21  53 (up 11 or 26%) 147 (up 28 or 24%)
  • Open Day in October 2020 saw almost a three-fold increase in attendance compared to the previous year (i.e. from 50 to 140 visitors). Congratulations to Arlette and Fernanda for their brilliant organisational efforts on Open Day and, more broadly, for their effective promotion of the Club through our social media platforms during the season.
  • This year, a net growth in ‘formal’ membership of 39 members or 24% from 161 to 200 was achieved with 56% or 22 members in the student category. Female participation increased by 26% and male participation by 24%.
  • The St Peters Old Collegiate group contributed 59% of the increase in membership or 23 members. This has more than doubled the number of SPOC players who are now Club members. This is a fantastic result and congratulations to David and his team for the result.
  • The Club has now reached an ‘effective’ total membership, including night tennis participants, of 266 members up 35% from 197 members last year.

Competition Tennis

Saturday Morning Men’s Comp

  • SMMLTA season held from 24 October 2020 to 24 April 2021.
    • Kensington Gardens fielded 5 teams in singles/doubles format and 5 teams in the doubles format only – total of 67 competition players including reserves.
    • 2 teams in Division 1 and 1 team each in Divisions 2, 3 and 4 for the singles/ doubles format.
    • 2 teams each in Divisions 1 and 2 and 1 team in Division 3 for doubles format only.
    • At the end of the minor rounds, 5 Kensington Garden teams qualified for the finals from which 3 teams went straight through to the Grand Finals.
    • Congratulations to the Division 4 Blue team on winning their Grand Final match and being awarded the Premiership title.
    • Congratulations to both Jack Dawson (Division 1 Chumps) and Adrian Boulton (Division 1 Doubles Blue) who received Player of the Year Award in their respective Divisions.
    • Saturday Morning Competition coordinated by Paul Reynolds. Congratulations Paul for a great season.

Saturday Afternoon Men’s Comp

  • Metro Lawn Tennis Association (MLTA) season held from 17 October 2020 to 27 March 2021.
    • Metro State League (MSL) season held from 10th October 2020 to 27 March 2021.
    • Kensington Gardens fielded 1 men’s team in singles/doubles format in MLTA Division 4 – total of 4 competition players, excluding reserves.
    • Kensington Gardens fielded 1 men’s team in MSL Division 2 – total of 4 competition players, excluding reserves.
    • MLTA Comp coordinated by Richard Moser and MSL Comp coordinated by Dane Bennett. Congratulations Richard and Dane for a great season.

St Peters Old Collegians (SPOC)

  • 6 teams (4 men’s and 2 ladies) participated in the MLTA Comp with a total of 40 players, including reserves.
    • 4 men’s teams in singles/doubles format – 1 team each in Divisions (1/2) and 3, and 2 teams in Division 4.
    • 2 ladies teams in Division (2/3) in singles/doubles format.
    • The SPOC (White) men’s Division 4 team and the SPOC (White) ladies Division 3 team made it through to their respective Grand Final matches with the men’s Division 4 team taking out the premiership and the ladies Division 3 team runners-up.
  • Coordinated by David Ogilvie. Congratulations David on a great season.
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