How to use the site

This is just a quick overview of how the KGTC website works.

So we use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor, there are heaps of tutorials in google, but here is a quick video

So the kgtc website is made up of a

1. Front page with a number of “Icons” as well as menu items that then link off to

2. A number of “Pages” within the site.

3. So existing pages can easily be edited by clicking on the “All Pages” option in the left hand menu of the “WordPress Dashboard”, then selecting the page to be edited and going in and editing the page.

4. The main “Blocks” to add into a page are,

4.1 “Paragraph” text which is just the normal text,

4.2 “Advanced Headings” for Headings, use H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6, as these are all styled through the Theme.

4.3 “Image” to add an image, either upload it or use one that is up there already. Remember to make the image small both in dimensions (probably about 600pixels) as well as in memory size (try to make images less than 150KB in size) as the smaller the image, the faster the page will load.

5. New pages will automatically be added to the menu at the top of all pages, to rearrange menu items, go to the left hand dashboard menu, click on > Appearance, then > Menus and then click ad drag the pages on the righthand side to where you want them.

6. To turn off the sidebar on the righthand side of a page, click on the “Sidebar” option in the DOCUMENT settings, on the righthand side of the page, as per the image and select “No sidebar”

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