COVID19 UPDATE – Soft re-opening for Social Tennis – from Doug Larden – President

After further discussions between Bowls SA/Tennis SA and the relevant State authorities over the weekend, I am very pleased to advise that the lawn court facilities at Kensington Gardens Bowling and Tennis Club will be re-opened for casual tennis only.  Casual tennis is play which is arranged by a group not exceeding 5 members per court at a particular time during the week and for a specified duration. 

In the first instance play will re-commence during daylight hours on tennis courts 1, 4, 9 and 15, under specified conditions, after midday Tuesday, 24th November.  These conditions of play are detailed in the attached document. A fully qualified Covid Marshall must be present on each court during play as a mandatory requirement. The current register of Covid Marshalls for tennis is attached.  Each group wishing to have a casual hit must nominate the member who is a qualified Covid Marshall and supply an official copy of the certificate to Doug Larden prior to making a court booking if the nominated Covid Marshall is not on the attached register.

A simple booking system will be in place to coordinate all casual tennis activities.  To place a booking,  please email Doug Larden at with details of intended play times and durations, and the names of the members who will be playing on the day.  This must include the name of the designated Covid Marshall in the group.  Members are encouraged to make bookings well in advance to avoid potential clashes and disappointments.  Bookings must be confirmed by reply email.

As a reminder and in keeping with the Club’s overall objective of providing a CovidSafe environment, I need to stress the following points:

1. You must not enter the club property if you

  • have had contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • have flu-like symptoms
  • have an elevated temperature.

2. The external facility will be limited to the lawn courts specified above and the cupboard designated for equipment storage (i.e. the external storage cupboard on the southern wall of the Clubhouse near the water fountain). Official contact tracing forms will be available in the storage area and must be completed by each player in attendance. As per previous instructions, please bring your own water bottle for re-filling as the fountains will be closed for drinking.

4. Members playing tennis MUST abide by the specified conditions of play. Breaches of the conditions can attract serious penalties. Individuals may be issued with a $1,000 on-the-spot fine, and the club may be issued with a $5000 on-the-spot fine for transgressions. Members who are observed by Board or Section Committee members not complying with the rules, or are reported to the Board for non-compliance, may be banned from use of facilities for a period of time.

5. In addition to the stated conditions, I remind members to always remember the basics of living in this COVID-19 era, which apply whether playing tennis or in general life. In South Australia we have been successful, in spite of the recent cluster, in containing the threat of COVID-19 by maintaining a healthy distance from other people, and by such good hygiene practices as regularly washing our hands with warm soapy water (or with hand sanitiser), avoiding touching our face, and covering a cough or sneeze with a tissue which is disposed of immediately. We must continue to maintain our vigilance with these practices.

For those of you who wish to take advantage of this opportunity for limited casual play at this time, enjoy!

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