Saturday Morning Mens (SMMLTA)

Matches commence at 9.00am sharp on Saturdays – completion around midday

Traditional singles/doubles and doubles only.

Season runs from late October through to mid March with finals taking us through to just after Easter.

Visit the Saturday Morning Mens Lawn Tennis Association (SMMLTA) website  for more information including fixtures and results.

Saturday Afternoon Mens (MLTA)

Traditional singles/doubles and doubles only.

Season runs from mid October with finals completed prior to Easter.

Visit the Metropolitan Lawn Tennis Association (MLTA) website  for more information including fixtures and results.

Thursday Morning Ladies (WMGTA)

Doubles only

Kensington Gardens has several teams competing in this doubles only, home and away competition. Matches begin at 9.45am and finish around 1pm. New players are always welcome! Please contact Joanne Rudd if you are interested in playing regularly, being a reserve, or if you would like to know more. The Women’s Midweek Grasscourt Tennis Association (WMGTA) website also has general information about this competition.

Visit the Women’s Midweek Grass courts Tennis Association (WMGTA) website for more information including fixtures and results.

Monday/Tuesday Night Mixed Team Competition

There are currently 10 teams on Monday nights and 10 on Tuesday nights. This friendly mixed comp is played in term 1 and term 4. 

The team members are selected on ability so there could be 3 men on the court at one time or 2 ladies and a man etc.  We try and make the teams as even as possible to ensure good tennis for all.  The number 1s are the best, then number 2s, then number 3s.

You play in the same team all season. Each evening you play a set of doubles up to 9 (tie break at 8-8) with both of your team members.  So there are 3 sets up to 9 played on your court and you play two of them.

This is a casual comp with a reasonably good standard. Everyone is out there to enjoy it – it’s not serious but a fun, organised evening on our beautiful grass courts.

Fees are payable on the night and you pay just for the nights you play whether you are a full team member or a reserve.  The fees are:  Non-member $15, Member $5 and Student $6.

The upstairs bar is open after the second set, so you and any spectators can go up there for a drink and it’s a great place to watch the last of the tennis, especially on a warm evening.

If you are interested in joining a team or becoming a reserve (more reserves always needed!) or any questions please contact Rosie Budenberg on 0422 138 885 or

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