AGM Minutes of Meeting 2020

Kensington Gardens Bowling & Tennis Club

Tennis Section – Annual General Meeting

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 9th June 2020, 7.00 p.m.

Venue: Online via Zoom

  1. Present: Tony Bammann, Doug Larden, Arlette Culshaw, Joanne Rudd, Mardi Pedler, Antony Murphy, John Lewis, Ian Cooper, Neil Jones, Terry Farquharson, David Perry, Tony Haslam, Deane Jarvis, David Henderson, John Henderson, Rosie Budenberg, Andrew Luxton, Pauline Fielden, Fernanda Di Villarosa, Tony Binks, Paul Reynolds, John McLachlan, Ken Watson (total of 23 present).
  2. Apologies: Glen Roder, John Bryant, Gloria Sumner, Roger Jacka, Will Scott-Young.
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting (25th May 2019):  Confirmed as an accurate record of the meeting (Moved: David Henderson, Seconded: Tony Haslam).
  4. Business Arising:

Skye Cellars Sponsorship – The President updated the meeting on the actions taken by the Board of Management in respect to a resolution from the 2019 Tennis AGM.  The resolution sought a re-examination of the issue/s outlined in a written submission to the AGM from Gloria Sumner. It related to a potential conflict between the Skye Cellars and Glynde Hotel agreements regarding the provision of liquor services with a view to reaching a satisfactory arrangement for the Club.

The meeting was advised that the Board of Management had given due consideration to the circumstances leading to both the Skye Cellars and Glynde Hotel agreements; including the level of sponsorship involved, the conditions specified in the respective agreements, and the individual expectations of the suppliers.  In a subsequent communication (dated 11th August 2019) with Gloria Sumner, she was advised that the Board had reached a position where the Club would no longer be purchasing wine from Skye Cellars.   Any new arrangement with Skye Cellars going forward would be initiated by the Board if it so wished.

  • Reports:
  • President/Secretary – Copy of Annual Report 2019-20 circulated by email.
  • Treasurer – Financial summary incorporated in Annual Report and circulated by email.

The key achievements of the Tennis Section during the 2019-20 season and the specific impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on its operation during the latter part of the financial year were highlighted by the President.  The Treasurer summarised the financial performance of the Tennis Section and the impact of the pandemic on revenue and the surplus.  Specific details have been documented in the Annual Report 2019-20.

  • Election of Committee Positions: The following nominees were elected to the committee:
  • President: Doug Larden
  • Vice President: Vacant
  • Secretary: Doug Larden to assume role in an acting capacity
  • Treasurer: John Lewis
  • Committee Members: Tony Binks, Arlette Culshaw, Dane Bennett, Joanne Rudd, Andrew Luxton, Fernanda Di Villarosa, Will Scott-Young.

Several tennis members at the meeting expressed their appreciation of the leadership and commitment from the President and the tennis committee during what had been a very difficult year for sporting clubs in general.

Resolution Carried by Acclamation: The Tennis Committee were thanked for their substantial effort and work during the 2019-20 season.

  • Any Other Business:

John McLachlan requested that the incoming committee consider the construction of a windsock in the vicinity of the tennis courts.

The Meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.

Doug Larden

Tennis President

11th June 2020

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